Scavenger Lands

The River Lands, or the Scavenger Lands as they are more commonly called, are the lands of the eastern Threshold stretching from the Sea to the great forests of the Far East. These lands are largely independent of the Realm and include many of the greatest cities of Creation. These lands are defined by the mighty rivers that flow through the countryside that act as trade routs and highways to connect the disparate kingdoms of the River Lands.

Great Cities and Kingdoms of the Scavenger Lands

The Hundred Kingdoms

The various states of the Scavenger Lands that are not considered among the great powers of the River Lands are called teh Hundred Kingdoms. The patchwork of city states, principalities, oligarchies, and theocracies are as varied as they are numerous.

Kingdoms of the Great Rivers

The states along the Yanaze and Yellow rivers grow prosperous from the Guild's trade flow up and down river from Nexus. These cities tend to be populous and hold a central place in the Confederation of Rivers along with the great powers of the River Lands.

The Helot Kingdoms

The lands from the lower reaches of the Grey River to banks of the Yanaze and the shores of the Inland Sea are considered within the sphere of influence of Lookshy and the Seventh Legion. The treaties with Lookshy make these regions are more stable than other regions of the Hundred Kingdoms. The proximity of Thorns forces these kingdoms to build strong defenses and many have proud military traditions.

The Forsaken Plateau

Between the Grey River and the Sandy River, the land rises and becomes more arid. Kingdoms cling to existence, but their presence is often fleeting in the harsh, wild land.


North of the Rivers


The River Marches

The south eastern reaches of the Hundred Kingdoms stretch between the river basins of the Sandy River and the Maruto River. Once great, the region has decline through infighting and invasion. The Maruto River region was sacked by Arczeckhi barbarians in the year RY 364.

Satrapies of the Realm

The influence of the Realm has always been limited in the Scavenger Lands. When the Realm invades, the disparate cities of the River Lands unite behind Lookshy to drive them out. With the fall of Thorns, Realm influence has been pushed entirely to the margins.

Natural Features



Scavenger Lands

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