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The tales of the Imperfect Circle take place primarily in the Scavenger Lands. This chronicle records the characters and places they have encountered or heard about during their journeys through Creation.


  • Dawning Seaspray A pirate captain with an agenda that touches the gods.
  • Genjo A fatherly leader of the refugees of Thorns. All he does, he does for his family.
  • Senka A demon-blooded assassin whose view of the world is perhaps not as dark as it seems.
  • Smoke Orchid A spy from the Helot Kingdoms who survived the horrors of Thorns.
  • Zakiti A sorcerer who stole her powers from the warlocks of the  House of Thirty Seals and users her powers to punish the uncharitable.


  • Drac Ir A cavalry captain from Puyo. He sought vengeance for a lover he thought dead.
  • Kaveh A merchant who traded away the memories of his family and wants to be the hero of his own grand tale.

Main Page

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