Tag: Nexus


  • Kratz, The Astrologer

    She predicted the arrival of Genjo and his companions in Nexus and use the civilities to summon them to her presence. She claimed responsibility for the good fortunes of Genjo's family. In return, she asked for Genjo's cooperation in opening a sealed …

  • Master Gen

    * Master Gen was present when the Solar Exalted first met [[:kratz-the-astrologer | Kratz]]. He promised to keep their nature a secret from the rest of the Council of Entities based on being in her debt.

  • Rinriven Dai

    * Drac met him at the Nexus arena observing minor matches and dictating notes about the gladiators. * He later met Drac in his office, took an impression of the medallion Drac took from the assassins, and agreed to ascertain what he could about the …

  • Gol Yu

    * He sold Kaveh two baskets of gar root, which has no medicinal properties but is commonly confused with a root that eases joint pain. * On the return to Nexus after the flood, he told Genjo that [[:hira | Hira]] had found a benefactor who helped …

  • Calra Ettros

    * Kaveh convince her that the gar root was a fashionable sign of prestige in the Lap.

  • The River Whore

    * Agreed to bless [[:zakiti | Zakiti's]] efforts to give aid to the poor as long as Zakiti gives that aid in her name. * Appeared with [[:tul-wan | Tul Wan]] when Zakiti summoned him. Thanked Zakiti for the words of her prayers. * Her cult has …

  • Tul Wan

    * Tul Wan was release from Hallow by [[:zakiti | Zakiti]] when she carried him through the Wyld in a binding jar. * Tul Wan agreed to bring the Solars back into Hallow if they swore to carry him out again. [[:kaveh | Kaveh]] sanctified the oath. * Tul …

  • 1000 Lilac Cascade of Discordant Poise

    * Offered to guide the characters in exchange for a kiss, but did not specify to where and lead them to the Firewander freehold. * Made a second deal to guide the characters where they wanted to go and balm Drac Ir's wounds in exchange for a spirit …

  • Delightful Three Ways Thistle Crusade

    * Appeared to the Solars as they departed Firewander for the second time. * She demanded Drac's blood and told only Senka what she wanted it for. The blood was given freely and she left her mark on Drac.

  • Hira

    * She agreed to assist Kaveh selling gar root as part of a scheme for 20 percent of the proceeds. * She accepted the aid of V'neef Lohlyn after the flood displaced the Thorns refugees from their Nightside tenement.