V'neef Lohlyn

Youngest Daughter of V'neef


V’neef Lohlyn is a grand daughter of the Scarlet Empress and the youngest daughter of V’neef. Like her mother, she exalted young and is driven by the ambition that marks her house. She looks up to her adventurous older brother V’neef Sylus.

She worked for her families interests in the South, spending time in the Lap, and other satrapies. While there, she carried on an affair with Raga Kaveh, and unexalted but promising dynast involved in mercantile activities across the South. They shared the stories they heard in the travels and dream of traveling as heroes themselves.

After Kaveh’s exaltation, Lohlyn tracked him into the Scavenger Lands. She did not believe he could have become Anathema. She hoped he would be willing to help her and her house in the struggle to come for control of the Realm.

  • Lohlyn kidnapped Genjo’s children and held them hostage so she could “safely” meet and talk to Kaveh.
  • She presented the idea that a combined force of Realm Legions and Confederation of Rivers armies could retake Thorns with her house’s backing. The victory could lead to a dragon-blooded officer making a claim to the throne of the Realm.
  • She accepted Senka’s proposal that a Solar general aid the liberation of Thorns to herald a new era of cooperation.
  • She offered her Cinnabar townhouse to Genjo’s family after the flood displaced them from Nightside.

V'neef Lohlyn

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