Smiling Lark

Lookshy Spymaster


Some say Smiling Lark is an inappropriate name for a mirthless man. Smiling Lark merely frowns and shrugs in response. A man past the prime of his life, his lined faces bares the weight of years of worry, responsibility, and disappointment. He keeps himself meticulously groomed but does not bother with frivolity.

Those who know him, say Smiling Lark is pragmatic, capable, and effective. Those who get to know him personally are surprised at his kindness and generosity.

He has a large functional apartment in the Foreign Quarter of Lookshy. He has served Gen Nefvarin for years, managing a network of agents across the western Scavenger Lands.

  • He warned Smoke Orchid not to return to Lookshy after she exalted.
  • When the Solars came to him for help, he agreed to help them get out of the city.
  • He got them safely to the dock in Lower City and asked them not to make him regret betraying the Seventh Legion.

Smiling Lark

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