Sister Cloud Hands

Abbot of the Immaculate Order


The Vartabed is the representative of the Mouth of Peace (the titular head of the Immaculate Order) in Greyfalls. She leads the monastic establishment, including of three additional Dragon-Blooded, two monastic communities (one for women, the other for men), 56 temples with full-time acolytes, and 185 minor shrines. Over 400 monks, nuns, vartabeds, acolytes and her own Dragon-Blooded colleagues look to her for guidance, and she has good words for them all.

When the Wyld Hunt is called in the Eastern Threshold, she leads. She personally hunted down four Anathema in the last 50 years (with some help, she would modestly admit) and took down her share of obstreperous gods.

Many people in Greyfalls have little cabinets or niches in their houses with pictures or statues of local gods, spirits and elementals. She has spoken against the practice, but now devout citizens have started adding her image to their home-pantheons.


Sister Cloud Hands

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