The Red Snow


Senka is a demon-blooded who grew up in the care of the Immaculate Order in Greyfalls. Her faith in the Immaculate Order led her to serve as a tracker for the Wyld Hunt. She exalted as a night caste after she killed the children of one of the anathema to lure her out at the order of Cathak Kitono. Before she met the other Solars, she worked as a killer-for-hire.


Senka was left at a shrine of the Immaculate Order outside the city of Greyfalls by anonymous parents. Even as in infant, her fangs and golden, bird-like eyes marked her as demon-blooded and none of the local families would take her in as their own. She was left to be raised by the monks of the Immaculate Order.

Her childhood was difficult and disciplined. The other orphans feared and bullied her, accusing her of causing trouble, which many of the monks were inclined to believe. Sister Cloud Hands saw her in a different light. She believed Senka could be better than her heritage and encouraged her to embrace the Immaculate Order as her true family.

Senka followed Sister Cloud Hands words and dedicated herself to embodying the Immaculate Dragons. Embracing her innate aptitude for hunting and tracking, she joined the standing forces of the Wyld Hunt and used her skills to locate anathema targets. She excelled, and became a favored tracker for the Dragon-Blooded who lead the hunt in the Scavenger Lands.

Like all who serve the Realm, the disappearance of the Empress eventually affected Senka too. The politicking of the Great Houses eventually lead to the aging commander of the Imperial Legion forces in Greyfalls to be replaces with the brutal and ambitious Cathak Kitono. As he began consolidating power, he seized the reins of the Wyld Hunt while Sister Cloud Hands was on a pilgrimage to the Blessed Isle to meet with the Mouth of Peace.

Senka learned that the anathema they were hunting, a newly exalted night caste Solar, had children in one of the local towns. She dutifully reported her findings to Kitono, who ordered her to kill the Solar’s children to lure her out of hiding. The followed those orders, and Kitoso’s agents were successful in slaying the vengeful night cast. Senka exalted that night as she fled it horror of what she had done.

He exaltation came with no vision from the Unconquered Sun, no explanation for why she was chosen. She spiraled into darkness, turning to hedonism and using her hard earned skills and newfound power to earn coin for blood. One-shot, one-kill… or she could leave a mess behind, if they money was good enough. She drifted through the Scavenger Lands until she landed in Great Forks. She stuck a deal with Talespinner and Decadence became her new home, at least for a time.


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