Melevashni Yanazee

Goddess of the Great River


Melevashni Yanazee is one of the great gods worshiped in the River Province. She is the goddess of the Yanazee river, the goddess of rivers and all flowing waters. She reigns over river travel and trade and knows all the tributaries of the Yanazee River.

The River Priests tend her temple-ziggurat in Centak on the north banks of the Yanazee River.

  • Exulted in Genjo’s praise, stating that it had been a long time since one of the Sun’s Chosen had approached her with the proper beseechment.
  • She reacted to Dawn with hostility, accusing her of being untrustworthy. She explain that the Chosen of the Maidens, both Bronze and Gold, could not be trusted.
  • She healed Senka’s wounds, easing her pain but did not restore her lost hand.
  • She told the Solar’s and Dawn that Darunla was imprisoned in her sanctum, between Laris and Velen along the Sandy River.
  • She used her power to speed Dawn’s ship against the current up the Yanazee river to Nexus.

Melevashni Yanazee

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