Kratz, The Astrologer

Member of the Council of Entities


An elegant woman with deep black skin more common in the south west and short tightly curled hair. She wears multiple layers of fine silks fringed with gold and silver charms. Bangles decorate he wrists and ring her neck and jangle slightly as she moves. She carries herself with an assure poise that isn’t quite smug.

Kratz holds the title of The Astrologer in the Council of Entities that rules Nexus. Her role on the Council is nebulous and the civilities she issues are often nonsensical when issued, but end up protecting those that follow them. Some say she can predict future disasters, and uses her power on the Council to steer Nexus and her people to safety.


She predicted the arrival of Genjo and his companions in Nexus and use the civilities to summon them to her presence. She claimed responsibility for the good fortunes of Genjo’s family. In return, she asked for Genjo’s cooperation in opening a sealed vault beneath the Firewander District.

  • When she learned that a fifth Solar was required to open the Vault, she located Senka and sent the other Solars to find her.
  • With the Vault Open, she has agreed to host Five Days Darkness in her palace and work with the characters to create a strategy to defeat Mask of Winters.
  • She has offered to aid the Solars with whatever boon she can.
  • After the Solars fought Zsofika in the streets and made a name for themselves in Nexus, she asked them to not contact her directly.
  • She encouraged the scions of House V’neef aid Genjo’s family after the flood caused by Zsofika’s storm.

Kratz, The Astrologer

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