Drac Ir

Mighty cavalier


Drac Ir is a middle-aged cavelry officer from Puyo with black hair and beard peppered with grey. He exalted as a dawn caste when the amassador from Puyo was attacked by unknown assassins before she was to speak before the Confederation of Rivers in Marita. He fled to avoid potential repercussions from the Hunt. He is morose and proud.

He fathered a daughter, Golden Hyacinth Dreams with the Raksha 1000 Lilac Cascade of Discordant Poise.


The second son of an aristocratic family in Puyo, Drac Ir was a horseman and a military man from a young age. Through his skill at arms, he rose through the ranks of the elite cavalry of the Triarchy and achieved the rank of captain. Has a further honor, he was selected as captain of the guard for the ambassador to the Confederation of Rivers, Rasa Ha, who was also a niece to one of the triarchs.

Drac accompanied Rasa to Marita, and along the journey began to court her. She reciprocated his interest, and they started a slow courtly romance. That budding romance led Drac to be alone with Rasa the night assassins struck. A dozen assassins stormed the ambassadorial suite. Drac fought valiantly, killing several of the assassins before they reach Rasa. When the first knife struck her, he took his second breath and Exalted. With the might of the Unconquered Sun, Drac cut down the assassins with ease. But becoming chosen did not save Rasa.

Hearing the commotion of battle the other guards rushed into the room and saw their captain glowing with the light of the sun, cutting down those who stood before him. Raised on stories of the anathema, they fled and sought the aid of the delegation from Lookshy and the Seventh Legion. The assassins fled too, those that survived. Drac pursued one, killed him, and took a token from the dead man. The token was a large coin with crossed knives on one side and a snake coiled in a figure eight eating its own tail on the other. Three assassins escaped.

Dragonblooded from Lookshy confronted Drac, and fought him through the streets of Marita. Drac fled, and those left behind were convinced he was involved in the murder. Word was sent to Puyo, and the Triarchy and they set a price on his head.

Not knowing of the bounty, Drac made his way across the Riverlands to his homeland. In Puyo, he discovered there was a price on his head only once he reached the Triarch’s palace. Drac had to fight the guards without killing any of his former companions, and once again flee, this time into the caverns beneath Puyo.

Beneath Puyo, he discovered spirits mined the bounty of the earth that the Triarchs use to maintain their wealth and power. Deeper still, he came upon a tomb, burred by the cataclysmic forces that rent the land at the end of the Contagion. Water had seeped into the cavern and it’s flow had opened the tomb. Standing amidst the ruins of the tomb stood a suit of orichalcum armor, the breastplate etched with horse and wold. Drac new this thing was his, and took it.

Not wanting to fight the men of his homeland, Drac traveled once more into the Riverlands, this time seeking the remaining assassins to get revenge for the death of his beloved and the end of his life before.

Drac Ir

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