Thorns Smuggler in Lookshy


Baolu is an aging square-jawed man half a head taller than his childhood friend Genjo. Despite his age, and growing paunch, the cable-like muscles developed over years of heavy labor and hard fighting are still visible. He has a cocky half-grin and speaks his mind directly with little care for any offence he causes.

Baolu played the role of older brother to Genjo in their childhood street gangs. He was the first to get the younger smaller boy into trouble, and the first to wade in and get him out again.

When the call went out to join the army of Thorns, Baolu convince Genjo to join up with promises of plunder and women. After the war, Genjo brought Baolu along with him into the upper echelons of criminal enforcement. He was never as successful as Genjo, and after serving as Genjo’s best man, the two drifted apart.

  • Baolu escaped Thorns sometime after the fall and ended up as a refugee in Lookshy. He lives in Lower City and works loading the dock, where he’s involved in small scale smuggling.
  • He agreed to help Genjo get a ship out of Lookshy when the circle was on the run from the Seventh Legion.


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