Amilar Falling Brook

Historical Librarian


Master Falling Brook is the master of Lookshy’s archive library and a veteran of the Seventh Legion. His black hair is peppered with silver and his sideburns have turned white. He has a neatly trimmed beard and his eyes are piercing blue.

Falling Brook has demonstrated his skill with the Single Point Shining Into the Void style and displayed the power of his fiery anima.

  • He allowed the Solars access to the archives because he though Zakiti was a traveling scholar.
  • During the Solars’ escape, he exhibited some of his Exalted abilities.
  • He pursued the Solars by ship across the mouth of the Yanazee leading Seventh Legion soldiers.
  • During the fighting that ensued, he cut off Senka’s hand.
  • He fell into the waves when the ship they were fighting on broke apart.
  • Senka spotted him commanding the Seventh Legion forces pursuing the Solars in Good Harbor.

Amilar Falling Brook

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