An Imperfect Circle

Session 6

After meeting with Kratz, Genjo wanted to spend some time with his family before venturing into the heart of Firewander seeking the vault.

Kaveh began the day exploring markets of Nexus before heading to the Guild headquarters and bank to cash out his bill of credit from Meresh.

Meanwhile, Zakiti asks Genjo's family where to find medicinal herbs. They refer her to Gol Yu, an herbalist with a shop at the edge of the Nightside neighborhood. She goes to the shop, finds its proprietor friendly and jovial, and buys a number of herbs. She discovers that he has mistakenly put gar root on sale for joint pain and points out the mistake. Yu is furious with his apprentice for such a foolish mistake and removes the offending root.

Drac checked on his horse and stowed gear, and once satisfied, began wandering the streets of Nexus, hoping something would catch his eye that could lead him to his lovers killers. Near mid-day, he entered the Nexus arena as a spectator. No major matches were in progress, but Drac spotted a well dress man with guards and scribes away from the main press of the spectators. Drac spoke to the man, and asked for assistance finding his friends who could be identified by the token he had taken from the assassins when he exalted. The man agreed that he could help, introduced himself as  Rinriven Dai, and arranged to meet Drac in his office near Yinhang square later that evening.

Kaveh returned to the Little Market to find wares that he could use to turn a profit. I found Zakiti shopping for rarer herbs, and expressed his desire to find something rare, but of little value. Zakiti told him about the gar root, and Kaveh went to meet Gol Yu. He purchased Yu's entire stock, selected the finest looking roots for himself, and had the rest delivered to Genjos house. Back in the Little Market, he negotiated a free sample of fine silken cord, which he use to tie the root to his belt. A scheme set in his mind, he took the gondola up to Cinnabar to find a fine establishment.

On her way across the city, Zakiti noticed someone following her, and recognizes the face of a woman she knows is a Lunar. The woman had helped her escape hunters from the House of Thirty Seals before she met Genjo. Zakiti lead the woman into a blind ally, and positioned he self to be able to step behind the woman before greeting her.

They discuss Zakiti and her circle having made an enemy of Ma-Ha Suchi. The Lunar reveals that Ma-Ha-Suchi is one of the Ancients, Lunars who have seen the passing of an age. The woman says she met Aycus once, and he was a boor. Zakiti asked her why she was in Nexus, and she said "business". Before departing, Zakiti asked her name, which she said was  Luminous Silk. Zakiti took her hand to shake it, and had a momentary vision of not herself taking the hand of a Lunar in another place and time, and placing a ring on the Lunar's finger. Silk showed no sign of sharing the vision.

In Cinnabar at the edge of the Parko Llana, Kaveh found an outdoor tea house, Madame Fei's, that seem to be popular with the wealthy youth. The tea house had lattice walls covered in flowering vines. He claimed he was supposed to meet a young, beautiful woman. The hostess told him that his companion had not yet arrive, but she would show her to Kaveh's table when she did come. Shortly thereafter, the hostess brought a young woman, Calra Ettros to the table, and Kaveh charmed her with flattery to join him. He bought here drink and told her tales of his travels and his homeland. After some time, Kaveh offers he a gift of the root on the cord, claiming that such decoration is highly sought after and fashionable in the Lap.

Drac went to meet Rinriven Dai in his office, a three story building with a nice facade and courtyard on a street adjoining Yihang square. Dai learned that Drac is seeking revenge against a group of assassins. He said he doesn't think Drac has the money to pay him, and instead asks a favor for finding the information. He instructed Drac to return within three days. Drac was satisfied with the progress in his investigation.

Zakiti begins asking questions to the dispossessed of Firewander. As she does, she offers food and aid. She learns that the firestorm at the center of the district sometime expands to consume the blocks surround the old capitol. She learns that wyld creatures and the Fairfolk sometimes emerge from the storm. And she learns that mad spirits roam the streets of the district. Attuning herself to the spirits, she looked into the immaterial. She was unsurprised to see the usual collection of disease and decay spirits, but was surprised that she was being watch a followed by the spirit of a young woman who had the look of a prostitute. The woman watched disapproving of Zakiti's actions.

Zakiti led her away from other people and address her with an offer of help. The spirit responded, "Succor is not yours to offer here." The spirit claimed to be the god of all in Nexus who seek their desire. She said she had no name but what they call her, The River Whore. Zakiti attempted to ascertain the spirit's motive and remained respectful. The spirit revealed that she wanted Nexus to be her city, for it had no god of its own. Zakiti thought the spirit wouldn't be a good thing for the city, but was convinced that her influence could be better than the Council of Entities for the poor. The spirit agreed to bless her efforts if she granted aid in her name an offer which Zakiti accepted. After the encount, Zakiti aproached the edge of the firestorm that shrouded the center of the Firewander district before returning to Genjo's.

Kaveh found a restaurant favored by those who serve the wealthy, a second floor place in Sentinel's Hill call Chiaroscuro's Gleam where candles in colored glass holders cast rainbow reflections around an otherwise simple establishment. Kaveh added to the rumor mill that Lady Ettros had acquired a new and fashionable item from The Lap and that informing their ladies about what would surely be a new trend as soon as possible would reflect favorably upon them. Satisfied, he returned to Genjo's.


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