An Imperfect Circle

Session 10

Death in Decadence

Drac followed Kaveh, leaping to the edge of the temple roof three stories above the street. The moved toward the hooded woman, preparing to strike, as a cloud materialized before them. Chitinous green arms ending in vicious weapon-like claws reached out of the cloud to attack the solars. Drac fended off the attack, and Keveh leaped over the demon to engage the assassin, his cast mark glowing. The assassin leaned back, performing a brief kata and adopting a sneak-like fighting stance. Lashing out once again, the demon caught Kaveh unawares, striking him from behind with a glancing blow and sending him stumbling forward. Genjo, Zakiti, and Senka moved into position to aid their allies.

The demon, which Zakiti recognized as a temescu, continued to attack Drac and Kaveh. Drac counterattacked ineffectively, leaving himself open to attack. Responding to her summons and occult whispers, Zakiti's agata familiar, an iridescent shimmering demon wasp, appeared and swooped toward the assassin, who deftly dodge the attack. In responce, she made a serpent-quick finger strike toward the agata, which disipated in a shimmering cloud of essence to reform behind her. Genjo pulled himself over the edge of the wall, and launch himself at the tomescu, which fended him off. Kaveh, still reeling from the attacks against him, poured his essence into his attack against the assassin. His anima began to glow with the sun's light. He stuck the woman and drove her back across the domed roof. Senka cursed as she saw Kaveh begin to glow, she pulled herself up to the roof across the street, nocked an arrow, and took aim at the assassin.

The light of Kaveh's anima caused the crowd below to panic, Genjo grabbed the extended arm of the demon, and jerked down, slamming it into the roof with a crash. The demon lashed out, attempting to knock Drac and Genjo from the roof. The solars were driven back, but kept their footing. Drac pressed forward, but the Tomescu parried his blows. The agata continued harrying the assassin, who easily dodged its attacks. She stuck toward Kaveh's chest. He panicked and threw himself backwards, casting a confused jumble of illusory images around himself, and fortunately avoiding the attack. Zakiti invoked Spirit Slaying Stance, and flung a blade from the balcony across the street. He blade flew true, and the tomescu shrieked as its very essence was cut.

Drac followed Zakiti's attack with a fearsome blow, turning the tide of battle against the demon. Kaveh whirled, anima glowing, struck twice in close succession and regained his footing.  Zakiti leaped from her balcony, calling her agata to catch her, then sped toward the Tomescu, attempting to strike it with another thrown blade. Senka fired an arrow at the demon. Drac spun his glave, cut the tomescu in half, and as it dissipated, his eyes caught those the the assassin. He recognized her as Rasa Ha, paler and more beautiful than he remembered, but definitely her. She recognized him too, and turned to flee. Kaveh pursue her and attempted to strike, though she avoided his attack once again. A ring-shaped caste mark appeared on her forehead, and began to bleed. Atop her agata, Zakiti also pursued.

With a flash of sunlight, an armored female warrior bearing a shield that shone light the morning sun appeared atop the temple dome; Dayshield, god of war, god of Great Forks. She spoke in a booming voice, ordering everyone to lay stay their weapons. The solars complied and the assassin continued to flee. Dayshield gestured and an air spirit materialized and rushed after the assassin. The Solars obeyed, and the assassin disappeared into the darkened streets. Dayshield demanded that they leave Great Forks or seek audience before the Three. Senka replied, "Great goddess, i shall see your wishes done." The others agreed and Dayshield vanished.

As the dawn kissed the walls of Great Forks, the Solars entered the Temple of the Three seeking audience. The Three awaited them in the audience chamber.  Talespinner greeted them and asked for the story that lead them to the City of Temples. Senka humbled herself before the gods of her chosen home and asked forgiveness for the others, who had only come to find her. Talespinner coaxed the tale of Drac and Rasa from them. Zakiti and Kaveh told them how Drac was seeking revenge for the death of his lover at the hands of assassins, and they were speaking to a representative the assassin's order who carried out the killing. They fought only in response to the other Exalted's attack on the man they were speaking to. Dreamweaver commented on how Drac's heart was now split, referring to his passion for the  Raksha.

Dayshield questioned whether they wished to return to Great Forks, and what they would do keep that right. Before the others could respond, Senka spoke, "Mighty Three, I will take responsibility for the actions of the other Solar. They came to this city in search of me for a great task. Their actions would not have happened were it not for me. Please allow me to make amends for my guest's actions." Dayshield responded, "Will you take responsibility for their actions, Red Snow, Now and always?" Without hesitation, Senka replied, "Until I no longer draw breath, great goddess. I would do anything for the city of my heart and the gods who rule it, whom I love."

Dayshield addressed Genjo, with a glance to Dreamweaver, and asked that he stay his rage. Then she presented Onmoraki, an emissary from the Deathlord Walker in Darkness. Onmoraki warned them that the agents of the Mask of Winters were sowing discord among the Confederation of Rivers. At Genjos request, he promised to send word to the Walker in Darkness that the Chosen of the Sun may come to him seeking council in their struggle against the Mask of Winters. He asked the Three for a mark of their favor so he could speak before the Confederation Assembly in Marita. Dayshield gave him a seal, and sent him on his way.

After preparing for the journey, the Solar's took passage on a ship traveling downriver to back Nexus…


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