An Imperfect Circle


Life in Nexus

While they wait for Kratz to find the one they would need to open the vault, life continued in Nexus. 

Drac met with Dromb, the Bronze Executioner who investigated the murder of the assassins. Dromb told Drac that he had found the case a little unsettling. Normally, a simple murder wouldn't be investigated by the Executioners unless someone important was involved. But in this case, the number of bodies and the brutality of the killing merited their attention. The safe house looked like a slaughter yard. He suspected multiple killers, given the number of dead and the apparent variety of weapons used in the attacks, but he couldn't find evidence for more than one assailant on scene. Most disturbing though was that in the center of the carnage was a single flower. He showed the flower to Drac, which he recognized as a Hiparkes Star, a five-petaled flower said to grow on the steppe were [[:hiparkes | Hiparkes]], the Horse God, leaves his foot prints as he gallops across the open land. The flower had been on of Content Not Found: rasa favorites before her death.

Kaveh took the time to delve into his past. Disguising himself, he went to the Guild to ask about the deal that lead to his exaltation. After spreading around a bit of coin, he learned that the contract he negotiated was between the Guild and House Ragara of the Realm. He knew Ragara had dealing in the South, and given his involvement with the Dragonblooded of The Lap, his family working for one of the great house of the Realm made sense to him.

He attempted to learn more about The Five Days Darkness. He quickly found that the documents at the Library of Nexus did not reach far enough into the past to cover the time he was looking for. Curious about his own kind, he asked the Astrologer where he could find out more about the Solar Exalted. She recommended not asking in Nexus about the Solars and their history. Such questions could attract unwanted attention, including assassins sent by the Wyld Hunt. She did, however, impart the knowledge she has learned over the years…

In the First Age, Solars were the greatest of the Exalted. They had lead the champions of the gods against ancient forces that threatened the very nature of Creation and triumphed. The gods granted them a Creation Ruling Mandate and the Solars established the Deliberative to rule. Through the age, the Solars battled against many enemies of creation, including demons, rogue spirits, the Raksha, and ancient races lost to time. They defeated each in turn. The Eclipse Caste were the diplomats and administrators that kept creation running. Through their power, they bound some enemies of creation, such as the Raksha, to respect parley; these pacts are woven into the very fabric of Creation, and by entering, all must obey. The Solars created great wonders and all Creation prospered under their reign.

But as the age wore on, and all foes were vanquished, a darkness crept into the Solar's spirits. They turned from collaborative rules to tyrants, jealous of each other's power. They waged proxy wars against one another as games. They wrested secrets from the enemies of creation, and constructed foul sorceries that corrupted creation. And the people of Creation suffered. The Dragonblooded, who had faithfully served their Solar masters for centuries, watch the suffering and knew they had to act. In a Creation spanning conspiracy eventually called the Usurpation, they rose up and killed the rules of Creation. The Solars were not reborn as in the past, but locked away from Creation for millennia. The Dragonblooded tried to carry on the tradition of rulership established by the Solars, but the wars of the Usurpation left scars that could not be healed. That was over 1500 years ago.

Genjo took his time to check in on his family. He was please to discover that his wife's leadership had brought stability and even some prosperity to the refugee community. He role in the bureaucracy let he ease the process of getting permits and licenses for the members of the community. He looked into the local criminal underworld, and discovered that like everything else in Nexus, the chains of loyalty and patronage wound upward toward the Council of Entities, though the system was too Byzantine for him to untangle on his own. He looked into the Astrologer, and found that she was somewhat reclusive. The extent of her personal wealth and influence was generally unknown, as was her personal power. She certainly had some kind of supernatural support, as she had been a member of the Council of Entities for over a century at least, though she was certainly not its longest serving member. By reputation, she was considered fair but shrewd in her dealings. Most curiously, her entries into the Civilities seem strange at first, but often show foresight that helps those who follow them.

Zakiti continued her sorcerous research and received several spell scrolls from the Astrologer. With Kratz, she concluded that they would not be able to break the wards through sorcery alone, since the Vault was likely a sorcerous working of the third circle. She continued to offer succor in the name of The River Whore, but also in the name of Tul Wan. When she met with Tul Wan, he expressed that he was learning the brilliance of Nexus legal system and was surprised to be receiving prayer. Finally, she researched the history of the Emissary, learning that he appeared early in the city's history and took an active role in the daily life of Nexus. Curiosity piqued, Zakiti observed the Emissary announcing new Civilities in the market.


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