Located on the swampy north bank of the Yellow River, Marita is the capital of the Confederation of Rivers. Marita itself is build on the river, the buildings rise out of the water.  Narrow bridges connect palaces, gardens, and embassies. The lowest levels are prone to flooding, and the higher one lives, the greater their status.

The center of the city is dominated by the River Amphitheatre, now converted to house meetings of the Confederation. The embassies of the great cities are grand palaces near the Amphitheatre, while only the least cities of hte Hundred Kingdoms have embassies outside the city on the River's shores.

In addition to its location just down river from the confluence of the Yellow and Maruto Rivers, the city's saltworks ensure its economic prominence.

Establishments of Note

The Confluencial Colosseum is the primary meeting place for the Assembly of the Confederation of Rivers. The grands structure is a renovated first age building that dwarfs the other structures rising out of the river.

At the Fivefold Epicure, chefs from around Creation come to compete to serve and impress the wealthiest clientele. Each meal is a five-course competition including exotic ingredients.

The Split Tower is an guest house built around the trunk and lower branches of a massive tree growing from the ruins of a First Age tower.

The Thousand Streams Palace is the palatial guesthouse estate that caters to visiting dignitaries who do not have a permanent embassy in the city in the extremely wealthy. The grounds include numerous water gardens, pavilions, and other private areas for guests to meet and carry out business in privacy and luxury.


Fenside is the shanty-town slum that sprawls from the city's edge into the marshland that separates it from the northern shore of the Yellow river. The area is home to Maritia's poorest residents.


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