Confederation of Rivers

The Confederation of Rivers is the loose alliance of cities and kingdoms of the Scavenger Lands opposed to the might of the Realm. The assembly of ambassadors meets in Marita, where all representatives have a voice.

While the members of the Confederation often fight among themselves, and can agree on little, they stand united against the Realm and its catspaws. After the fall of Thorns, some in the Confederation rejoiced. Now, they are unsure how the react to the peaceful overtures of the Mask of Winters.

The Confedaration Assembly

The assembly meets in the old colosseum in Marita. The protocols of the assembly divide the representatives into the Great Nations, including Lookshy, Nexus, and Great Forks, and all the rest. The protocols of the assembly are designed to allow the great nations to hold sway, but for no nation to be able to move in the assembly without broad support.

For outsiders to the assembly to speak, one of the Great Nations must sponsor the speaker, and a cohort of other nations must uphold the nomination.

Confederation of Rivers

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