The Shogunate of Calin was the last great state, excepting Thorns, in the Scavenger Lands to join the Confederation of Rivers. The former satrapy of the Realm stretches from the Yanazee River to Marin Bay and is bounded on the east by the River of Tears flowing south from past Sijan.

The Shogunate is an elected monarchy, where the shogun serves for life, supported by the hereditary daimyos who head the 14 great families of Calin. The daimyos play a long game of patronage, favors, and intrigue for control of the election of the next shogun, and no one outside the families has ever gained the post.

The people of Calin are still primarily adherents of the Immaculate Order, a belief that often sets them at odds with nearby Sijan. The return of the Solar Exalted, the appearance of Deathknights, and the resurgence of other Exalted has redoubled  their faith. Outside the halls of power, the people of Calin wonder if their place would be better as allies of the Realm once again.

The countryside of Calin is populated, with fortified towns clustered around the castles of the great families. Rolling hills and forests separate the towns. Well managed roads connect the towns and manors.

Port Calin

The capital of the Shogunate hosts palaces of many of the great families and the Shogun's court. The city has long been an important stop on sea trade plying the Inner Sea. The Guild maintains a large presence here


Before Calin broke from the Realm and joined the Confederation of Rivers a century ago, Goodharbor was a modest fishing town at the mouth of the Yanazee River. Since then, the town has grown into a sprawling trade port that handles the transfer of goods from Nexus river barges to the deep-water ships that connect trade to the rest of Creation.

Marin Bay

Is a fortified town build around the palace of one of the great families. The city is a stop along the coastal trade routes.


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