Tag: Satrapy


  • Greyfalls

    Greyfalls is the isolated eastermost foothold of the Realm. The region was established as a Realm protectorate in one of the early treaties between the River Lands and the Realm, and successive Realm satraps have spent generations building it into …

  • Jiara

    Five hundred miles south along the coast from Thorns, Jiara is a glittering port city ruling over a sizable kingdom. The kingdom has long been a satrapy of the Realm and most recently a holding of [[House Mnemon]]. The city is famed for its palace …

  • Gloam

    (New corebook)

    • City on an island midway between the blessed isle and Lookshy
    • Trade and fishing city
    • (Now surrounded by ships lashed together and bereft of crew)
    • (Something horrible was released from a …