Tag: Great Forks


  • Copper Bottom

    The Copper Bottom is a distillery and flophouse in the North Quarter of [[Great Forks]]. It's frequented by a rough and twisted clientele, commonly including demonblooded, beastfolk, and wyld mutants.

  • Bronze Coatl

    The Bronze Coatl is a high class house of pleasure and entertainment in the Temple District in [[Great Forks]]. The establishment offers both public and private rooms. The staff is expected to be beautiful and amiable, the food is excellent, and the …

  • Shield of a Different Day

    * Dayshield halted the battle between the Solars and the assassin who looked like [[:rasa-ha | Rasa Ha]]. * She endorsed [[:onmoraki | Onmoraki]] to speak before the [[Confederation of Rivers]].

  • Old Mother Raiton

    * Old Mother Raiton knows The Red Snow by reputation as an assassin who can get the job done. * Zakiti met Old Mother Raiton and learned about the [[Serpent's Fangs]] from her.