Tag: God


  • Madame Marthesine

    * She traded the Hand of Deception, and illusion summoning artifact, to [[:kaveh | Kaveh]] in exchange for his memories of his family.

  • The River Whore

    * Agreed to bless [[:zakiti | Zakiti's]] efforts to give aid to the poor as long as Zakiti gives that aid in her name. * Appeared with Tul Wan when Zakiti summoned him. Thanked Zakiti for the words of her prayers.

  • Tul Wan

    * Tul Wan was release from Hallow by [[:zakiti | Zakiti]] when she carried him through the Wyld in a binding jar. * Tul Wan agreed to bring the Solars back into Hallow if they swore to carry him out again. [[:kaveh | Kaveh]] sanctified the oath. * Tul …

  • Shield of a Different Day

    * Dayshield halted the battle between the Solars and the assassin who looked like [[:rasa-ha | Rasa Ha]]. * She endorsed [[:onmoraki | Onmoraki]] to speak before the [[Confederation of Rivers]].

  • Five Days Darkness

    * Released from the sealed vault in Hallow by the Solar heroes. * He revealed that the [[:mask-of-winters | Mask of Winters]] was the ghost of an ancient Solar, Larquen Quen. * He discussed the nature of the Deathlords with [[:kratz-the-astrologer | …