Tag: Genjo


  • Hira

    * She agreed to assist Kaveh selling gar root as part of a scheme for 20 percent of the proceeds. * She accepted the aid of V'neef Lohlyn after the flood displaced the Thorns refugees from their Nightside tenement.

  • Roko

    * Roko learned to play regicide from the dragon-blooded [[:unbroken-anvil | Unbroken Anvil]] while being held hostage. * [[:senka | Senka]] gave him a regicide set of his own after helping to return him to his family. * He is fated to be a wealthy man.

  • Sadako

    * Sadako attends informal classes at the University of Nexus, the network of students and intellectuals that meet in the Nighthammer district. * She is infatuated with [[:v-neef-sylus | V'neef Sylus]].

  • Noburo

    * Noburo appeared as a ghost while Genjo sailed passed the Walker's Realm. He came with a message for his son; a request to attend and audience with the [[:walker-in-darkness | Black Psychopomp]].