Walker in Darkness

Black Psychopomp, Promulgator of the Cromlech Cinerary


The Walker in Darkness is one of the Deathlords. He rules shadowland east of Great Forks and has long been seen as a threat to the city. He opposes the Mask of Winters.

The Walker appears as a tall, muscular male with bluish skin and shoulder-length, grayish-white hair. His piercing eyes glow orange. He wears robes of black and scarlet under a breastplate of soulsteel

Many of the peasants who reside near the Walker’s shadowland realm worship the Deathlord as a death-god called the Black Psychopomp. In that guise, he usually wears flowing black robes and shows the face of a flayed skull.

  • The Walker in Darkness invited Genjo, Senka, and Zakiti to parle with him in his stronghold. He agreed to cast the Mask of Winters into Oblivion should they succeed in binding him. He asked the Solars to aid his emissary, Onmoraki.

Walker in Darkness

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