Tul Wan

Mad God of Hollow


Tul Wan was once the Cityfather of Hollow, the administrative center of the River Provinces during the Shogunate. The wyld energies that permeate Firewander have warped him and driven him mad. He wears green robes of office and a tall hat. He finger nails are inky black and his eyes reflect the mad flames that imprison him in Firewander.

  • Tul Wan was release from Hallow by Zakiti when she carried him through the Wyld in a binding jar.
  • Tul Wan agreed to bring the Solars back into Hallow if they swore to carry him out again. Kaveh sanctified the oath.
  • Tul Wan responded to Zakiti’s call to carry them back into Hallow, but appeared in the company of the River Whore.
  • When Zakiti warned him about the influence of the River Whore, he was dismissive.
  • At the River Whore’s shrines, Tul Wan’s symbol is a sign of order.

Tul Wan

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