Smoke Orchid

Spy, Survivor, and Ebon Shadow Stylist


Smoke Orchid is a slender young woman of perhaps 16 years, with fair skin, a pointed chin, and cropped fine dark hair that tends to stick up on all directions, especially given her habit of ruffling it when thoughtful or puzzled. She has a slender frame, and generally wears loose wide-legged trousers and soft shoes, and a sleeveless jacket with frog closures and a high neck, in dark green or black.

Both arms are patterned with scar tissue and at the wrist a largish ring is grafted straight through, each bearing a slender long chain, that she usually carries wrapped around and around her forearms. She wears no visible jewelry or other ornamentation, and for all her strange appearance, has an open, friendly expression.


Smoke Orchid

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