Rinriven Dai

Nexus broker


A well-dress, well-connected, discerning and wealthy man of Nexus. His office is on a side street from Yinhang square in the Nexus district.

  • Drac met him at the Nexus arena observing minor matches and dictating notes about the gladiators.
  • He later met Drac in his office, took an impression of the medallion Drac took from the assassins, and agreed to ascertain what he could about the organization in exchange for a favor from Drac.
  • Recognized that Drac was searching for the assassins to seek revenge.
  • Gave Drac the name of the assassin’s guild
  • Told Drac about rumor strikes by the dead against Puyo and Marukan.
  • Agreed to arrange accommodations for Drac in Cinnabar near Livery Square.

Rinriven Dai

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