Emissary of the Walker In Darkness


Onmoraki is the ghostblooded emissary of the Walker in Darkness. He is a svelte pale man who dresses in layers of fine black clothing as a mark of his station.

  • Onmoraki was in Great Forks to warn the Three against complacency regarding the Content Not Found: the-mask-of-winters. He warned that agents of the Mask of Winters would be sowing discord among the Confederation of Rivers.
  • He agreed to send work to the Walker in Darkness that the Chosen of the Sun may come to him to seek his council in their struggle against the Mask of Winters.
  • After concluding his audience, he continued his journey to Marita to speak before the Confederation assembly. Dreamweaver gave him a seal of endorsement from the Three.
  • Despite his endorsement by Great Forks, Onmoraki has been barred from speaking before the Confederation of Rivers.
  • He met Genjo and Senka in Marita to discuss how best to approach the the Assembly about the Mask of Winters


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