1000 Lilac Cascade of Discordant Poise

Raksha Loralai


1000 Lilac Cascade appears to interesting travelers within the wyld zone of the Firewander district. She crafts a shell of herself made of whatever material is prevalent in the wyld environment. The shell is a flawless, achingly beautiful, statuesque woman. In person, her presence is overwhelming; the sweet smell of lilacs permeates the air, her dusky flesh exposed save where purple flowers cling to her like a cloud doing nothing to conceal her. Her lilac eyes are hypnotic, flecked with gold and cat-slitted eyes.

  • Offered to guide the characters in exchange for a kiss, but did not specify to where and lead them to the Firewander freehold.
  • Made a second deal to guide the characters where they wanted to go and balm Drac Ir’s wounds in exchange for a spirit offered by Zakiti and an hour of passionate lovemaking with Drac.
  • According to Delightful Three Ways Thistle Crusade, something is growing within Lilac and it will be fed with Drac’s blood.

1000 Lilac Cascade of Discordant Poise

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