Master Merchant and Negotiator


‚ÄčKaveh is a merchant from the Lap. He exalted as an eclipse caste negotiating and impossible contract between his family and the Guild and immediately had to go on the run to avoid the local dragonblooded. During his flight, he met Madame Marthesine of the Lost and traded his memories of family for an artifact that lets him summon illusions of essence. He believes becoming exalted makes him a hero, even if he isn’t terribly skilled in a fight.


Kaveh’s story is one full of gaps due to his lost memories. He knows he grew up in The Lap, a peaceful southern city ruled by the Realm. He’s pretty sure his family were among the upper rungs of society, controlling mercantile interests across the South. He suspects they traded heavily with the Realm and remembers having a Dragonblooded lover from House V’neef.

Even the events of his exaltation are muddled in his memory. He took the lead negotiating between the Guild, his family, and a minor city state regarding recently discovered jade deposits. Somehow, he pulled everyone together into a mutually beneficial agreement where all would prosper and no blood was shed. Upon the conclusion of the agreement and the signing of contract by all parties, Kaveh Exalted, and used his anima to sanctify the contract. He was forced to use wit, guile, and a little luck to escape, and fled toward the Dreaming Sea beyond the reach of the Realm.

In his travels, he encountered Madame Marthesine, god of lost things. He bargained away his memories of his family in exchange for an artifact that would help him disguise his nature. The artifact she gave him let him sculpt illusions out of essence. With this newfound power, he began making his way to the Scavenger Lands, where he intended to rebuild his reputation and his fortune.

Kaveh wants to be a hero. He grew up hearing tales of exalted heroism about the Dragonblooded of the Realm. He loved the epics tales, puppet kabuki theater, and legends of the larger-than-life heroes who protected Creation from whatever threats may come. He wanted to be a hero, he wanted that power. Becoming a Chosen of the Sun was a shock to Kaveh, but once he understood he had not become one of the demons described in legends, he realized he could be the hero.


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