Cathak Kitono

Cruel Dragon-Blooded officer


Abrasive and arrogant, even for a Dragonblooded dynast of the Realm, Kitono is the new commander of the Realm garrison in Greyfalls.

  • Kitono brutally supressed a rebellion in the highlands of An-Teng, putting hundreds to the sword. After the campaign, he visited The Lap, where he attended a gala that included most of the local Dragonblooded. Kaveh met him at this gala and found him arrogant and abrasive.
  • After taking command of the Realm garrison in Greyfalls, he became involved with the local Wyld Hunt. He ordered Senka to murder the children of a newly exalted Lunar to lure the anathema into the open.

Cathak Kitono

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